My Inspiration

June was about eight years old when she started to really observe the lives of the adults around her. Based on her observations at the time, most adults were unhappy and she was not interested in becoming part of what she perceived to be the “Living dead.” If she continued to live, she wanted to give people hope—she wanted to give them a reason for living.  In her young mind, she thought that life should be worth living. In 1998, she purchased an emerald ring with diamonds as a symbol of her ability to persevere against the odds.  It also served as a reminder that she would one day share those things with others.

June is now doing what she imagined as a child.  She is a dynamic speaker, minister, trainer, and, consultant with more than 18-years of experience in the areas of personal and leadership development.  With passion, enthusiasm, and candor, she encourages her audience to overcome fear and hopelessness with courage and joy, and to identify and pursue their purpose.  Whether in front of a business audience, church group or women’s conference, she inspires you to rise to your “a-game”.