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You have been given the opportunity to create a masterpiece of your life. While your thoughts are the colors you use to paint the background, your words are the brushes you use to fill in each detail.

Dr. Cindy Trimm


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Trust and He will give you the answer.

Finding Your Calling

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Finding your calling is like a polaroid photo, it develops over time.

Bob Goff

Your Life’s Signature

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My life’s signature – perseverance, hope, peace, and faith—the place where trust dwells. Everyone’s life has a signature line. The distinctive way in which you tell the world who you are. If you had to send a letter to the world, what would your letter say? How would you sign it?

The Dream Room

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Welcome to the dream room, God has a plan for you.

Pastor Michael Maiden


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Hope is not just for those who are spiritual—it is for those who have eyes to see what others miss.  For the timid at heart who moves forward in the midst of uncertainty. For the bold and courageous who will not be deterred. For those who haven’t yet uncovered their hidden and sometimes obvious potential.  Hope is for you!


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Pray first, plan second.

June Liggins

Living In The Moment

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Each day, I write my history.

June Liggins