My Forte

What are those things that puts a sparkle in my eyes, pep in my step, and provide an overall zest for living? Well, it’s helping others uncover and display their authentic self to the world. To be more precise, I really enjoy helping people to envision and live hope filled lives. To me, hope is “breath” for living—it gives life purpose and meaning. You’ve heard the phase, “I just had the wind knocked out of me.” Well, when life knocks out hope, living becomes more than a grind.

You see, I know what it is to live between life’s reality and my dreams. I’ve been hijacked by fear and slapped by failure more than I care to mention. From time to time, disappointment and discouragement would come to visit and tried to stay. Believe it or not, they still try although I’ve asked them repeatedly not to drop by unannounced. And heartbreak, well, heart-break knocked me off my horse and rode off into the sunset without looking back.

But I’ve finally made peace with this constant push back from life. Why? Because it’s part of the process. They help me hone the very skills I need to fulfill my life’s purpose. To share with others how to forgive, endure, persevere, hope, and have faith through it all.

So, how does it all come together? What are those fortes I referred to in the title? See the top seven pics below.

Inspirational Speaking

Training and Development

Curriculum Design

Coaching and Counseling

Consultative Problem Solving

Synthesizing Ideas and Concepts

Formulating Strategies for Resilient Living