Persevere – Never Give Up

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When I was a child, my mom spoke frequently about living in another country and she sought opportunities to do so. We knew that one day, our mom would be living outside the United States. We didn’t know when but we thought we knew where. Turns out, we knew neither.  For at least the last 18 years now, my mom has been living her dream of serving others, living abroad, and traveling. Not without obstacles mind you, but she’s doing it.

I had a dream as a child that I thought would have been fulfilled by now. No such thing! However, my uniquely designed blueprint for living, is filled with opportunities to demonstrate resiliency and perseverance. That’s not a bad thing really—frustrating but not bad. You see on the days when the dream seems unattainable, I remind myself of who I am and whose I am.

I am a child of God, I am a Mighty, and I am Gloria’s daughter hardwired to hope when all seems lost and to endure what seems unbearable.

As I journey through life, the mile markers of difficulty, failure, disappointment, and discouragement, will intercept me with a package from The Tribulation Foundation and say, “This package has your name on it, sign here!”  I know you’ve received some of these packages as well. I look the package over, with some reservation of course, and sign “Perseverance” on the signature line.

Perseverance cries, she even throws temper tantrums every now and then. But in the end, she just keeps moving towards her dream—she never gives up.





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