The Death of A Friend

By on Jun 10, 2016 in BounceBack, Dreams, Hope, Purpose | 1 comment

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Life long friendships are usually the most cherished of all relationships. You have someone who’s been with you through life’s dynamic journey. So needless to say, the death of a lifetime friend can be devastating. It leaves you feeling empty and alone. You somehow feel insecure and vulnerable without that person at your side.

So many questions go through your mind. You wonder if you could every find another friendship as great as the one you shared with that person. You even question your own mortality and you ponder life’s meaning. These are just a few of the things that go through your mind but most importantly you wonder how you can go on without them.

Similarly, the death of a life long dream is like the death of a friend. It served as your constant source of hope and it pulled you forward when life’s barricades tried to impede your journey. It infused you for decades only to seemingly come to a screeching halt. You yearn for it to stay, you cried out, and you spoke in its ear “Don’t leave me.” As it drifts off into silence you hear it say, “Don’t force me to stay.”

You feel so alone and rejected. You ask yourself where did I go wrong? Did I imagine all of this? You rehearse the journey you had together and you look for points where you should have recognized that it wasn’t going to work. Was it blind faith? But then again, does faith have eyes?

Your mind wants to understand so that it can provide comfort to your broken heart. You wrestle with the thought of being alone with this empty void. You wonder if you’ll be able to dream again.

So you ask yourself can I trust God to bring a new dream? You mind says a resounding, “No, I don’t have what it takes to believe anymore, I’m tired!”

You know that all things are possible but maybe the “possible” was not intended for you. Others yes, but not you. Your plan is to numb yourself to the pain so that nothing like this…this failure…shortcoming…whatever you want to call it can’t hurt you again.

But how can you? You know better. You know that there is a plan, a good plan for your life. You know that circumstances will not determine the final outcome of your dreams. You know that God can indeed give you another dream that far exceeds the one that has passed. You know this instinctively…

Now you may think that I’m going to give you several things that you must do to get the oomph back in your soul. Not quite, not yet. All I want you to do now is trust. Now that the way you’ve envisioned has seemingly failed—just trust. Trust in the promise of the dream and be patient that it will work out the way it is destined to be.

To be continued…



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  1. As always God puts the person in my life to move me forward when I’m stuck! Thank you for this reminder. Look forward to reading your wise thoughts you receive from your connection with God!

    Much love,


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