I Am Courageous

By on Nov 4, 2014 in Hope | 0 comments

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I use to view myself as fearful and yet, as I lay here not able to sleep, listening to “The Best of Chopin,” I realize that I am no coward. I continue to pursue my dreams even though I’ve experienced some serious setbacks. I’ve loved with all my heart even though it wasn’t forever. ¬†I’ve pursued the goal of stepping out and owning my own business when some recommended that I play it safe. The problem is that safe was starting to look really scary. There was a point where I was more afraid of “safe” than I was of “failure” and I’ve experienced some brutal failures along the way. However, I am glad that I made attempts to fulfill my dreams. I wasn’t a hostage of fear. Now, I have ¬†another Goliath to conqueror and I will…I am no coward…I am courageous.




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