The Land of I Dunno – A Land of Trust

By on Feb 17, 2014 in BounceBack | 0 comments

This weekend, I was asking myself a lot of questions and most often the response I heard from my own thoughts were “I dunno.” I then verbally said, “Wow, you live in a land of I dunnos.”  “What does that mean?” Well by the end of the evening on Sunday, I got an answer. So what is it?  Simply put, I’m in the space of believing and trusting.  The place where life seems upside down.  I’m caught off guard by your own life and I’m the one living it. The place where you say, this is not what I imagined life would be. But it is also a place of trust. Yes, trusting that all will work out even though intellectually I don’t know at this point how it will happen. Actually, it was quite liberating. It gave my brain the rest it needed when I decided that I would simply place my trust and confidence in God.  Less stress actually, a lot...