The Death of A Friend

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Life long friendships are usually the most cherished of all relationships. You have someone who’s been with you through life’s dynamic journey. So needless to say, the death of a lifetime friend can be devastating. It leaves you feeling empty and alone. You somehow feel insecure and vulnerable without that person at your side. So many questions go through your mind. You wonder if you could every find another friendship as great as the one you shared with that person. You even question your own mortality and you ponder life’s meaning. These are just a few of the things that go through your mind but most importantly you wonder how you can go on without them. Similarly, the death of a life long dream is like the death of a friend. It served as your constant source of hope and it pulled you forward when life’s barricades tried to impede your journey. It infused you for decades only...

Define Success for Yourself

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Every great business person or so and so has a definition for success. I’ve finally decided that I would define what success means to me instead of allowing someone else’s definition to define my existence. How do I know that his or her definition is right for me? I know that our image is important because of the world we live in. However, I can’t let that shape and define me. I know what success is for me and it’s not defined by my house, my car, my clothes or where I live.  To me, living in the moment is success. Taking each moment as it comes, and not fretting about tomorrow or this afternoon or yesterday’s mess. That is success for me!  

I Am Courageous

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I use to view myself as fearful and yet, as I lay here not able to sleep, listening to “The Best of Chopin,” I realize that I am no coward. I continue to pursue my dreams even though I’ve experienced some serious setbacks. I’ve loved with all my heart even though it wasn’t forever.  I’ve pursued the goal of stepping out and owning my own business when some recommended that I play it safe. The problem is that safe was starting to look really scary. There was a point where I was more afraid of “safe” than I was of “failure” and I’ve experienced some brutal failures along the way. However, I am glad that I made attempts to fulfill my dreams. I wasn’t a hostage of fear. Now, I have  another Goliath to conqueror and I will…I am no coward…I am courageous.      

The Land of I Dunno – A Land of Trust

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This weekend, I was asking myself a lot of questions and most often the response I heard from my own thoughts were “I dunno.” I then verbally said, “Wow, you live in a land of I dunnos.”  “What does that mean?” Well by the end of the evening on Sunday, I got an answer. So what is it?  Simply put, I’m in the space of believing and trusting.  The place where life seems upside down.  I’m caught off guard by your own life and I’m the one living it. The place where you say, this is not what I imagined life would be. But it is also a place of trust. Yes, trusting that all will work out even though intellectually I don’t know at this point how it will happen. Actually, it was quite liberating. It gave my brain the rest it needed when I decided that I would simply place my trust and confidence in God.  Less stress actually, a lot...

The Next Level

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I’ve spent my entire life pursuing the next level…I have no time for foolishness… no time for the wrong road.

June Liggins

Persevere – Never Give Up

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When I was a child, my mom spoke frequently about living in another country and she sought opportunities to do so. We knew that one day, our mom would be living outside the United States. We didn’t know when but we thought we knew where. Turns out, we knew neither.  For at least the last 18 years now, my mom has been living her dream of serving others, living abroad, and traveling. Not without obstacles mind you, but she’s doing it. I had a dream as a child that I thought would have been fulfilled by now. No such thing! However, my uniquely designed blueprint for living, is filled with opportunities to demonstrate resiliency and perseverance. That’s not a bad thing really—frustrating but not bad. You see on the days when the dream seems unattainable, I remind myself of who I am and whose I am. I am a child of God, I am a Mighty, and I am Gloria’s daughter...

Your Life’s Fuel

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Your thoughts provide the fuel for your words, your words provide the fuel for your world.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

The Determined Life

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O while I live to be the ruler of life, not a slave, to meet life as a powerful conqueror…and nothing exterior to me will ever take command of me.

Walt Whitman